5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Look More Stylish

After combing through photos of some of the most stylish women on the planet—think: Olivia Palermo, Hanneli Mustaparta, and Emmauelle Alt—we’ve come to a few conclusions. Ahead, five habits of the ridiculously fashionable, and how to adopt them into your life.

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1. Don’t walk out the door without wearing at least one accessory.


Collage Vintage

You wouldn’t cook a meal without seasoning it right? Accessories are the spice of an outfit, and can make even a basic outfit spectacular. It can be easy to skip them, so make a point of doing an accessory check before you leave the house each morning.

2. Take off those flats, and go for the heels.


Lee Oliveira

Simply put: heels elevate your look—literally and physically. You’ll look more confident and put together instantly. We’re not saying you should wear heels every day, but working them into your repertoire occasionally will certainly have stylish benefits. If you’re worried about your feet hurting, try this pain-alleviating trick or shop our picks for the most comfortable heels.

3. Add one surprising element to your outfit.


Collage Vintage

The best outfits often have an unexpected element. Notice how Alexa Chung’s look is rather feminine, but the addition of a punk-inspired choker adds complexity to the look. The effect can also be achieved with unique styling, like Leandra Medine’s scarf bracelet or Pernille Teisbaek’s off-kilter sweater tied around her neck.

4. Play to your strengths.


A Love Is Blind

Whenever you’re stumped about what to wear, simply think of your favorite body part, and dress to show it off. Do you have sculpted arms? Try a sleeveless top. Love your legs? That miniskirt is calling your name.


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5. Nail down a uniform.


Stockholm Street Style

Your personal uniform should be two things: reflective of your signature style and flattering. Barbara Martello relies on high-waisted skirts and black heels, while Emmanuelle Alt can often be spotted in a variation on a belted jacket and slim-fitting jeans. Finding your own uniform will streamline your shopping and make it easier to get dressed in the morning.

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Do you have any tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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