Get a Fashionable Wardrobe by September—Without Spending a Ton

There are exactly 10 days between now and September 1st, and we’ve got a challenge to whip your wardrobe into shape.

From sharpening your layering skills to finding the perfect boot for your lifestyle, scroll down for budget-friendly ways to make sure you’re ready for fall.

Day 1: Try on all the outerwear you own and see which coats and jackets look awesome belted.

Bonus: The trendy styling trick is also ultra-flattering.

Day 2: Come up with one cool-weather outfit that incorporates unexpected layering.


Maja Wyh

An open shirtdress layered over a pair of jeans with a blazer on top? Why not!

Day 4: Opt for a luxurious textured item.


Stockholm Street Style

From quilted leather to shearling, there’s a multitude of ways to add interesting texture to your look for fall.

Day 5: Swap out your handbag for a backpack.


Fash N Chips

Word on the street? Hands-free is the way to be.

Day 6: Find your perfect boot heel height.


Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21 Eme

Whether you prefer the comfort of a flat ankle boot or love the look of a heeled version, make it a priority to find the right heel height for your lifestyle. We promise you’ll wear them constantly.

Day 7: Dust off your felt fedora.


Stockholm Street Style

No need to wait for a bad hair day to break out this chic chapeau. Opt for a burgundy color this season, which feels particularly current.

ASOS Felt Fedora Hat ($39)

What fashion trends are you totally over? Tell us in the comments below!

Day 8: Plan three fall outfits around one versatile piece in your closet.


Collage Vintage

May we suggest the perpetually stylish denim button-down?

Day 9: Make sure you have your basics covered.


Day 10: Pick your favorite summer staple and transition it for fall.


Alta Mira

No need to retire your cutoff shorts simply because summer is over. They’ll look just as good with a pair of tights.

Merona Control Top Sheer Tights ($10)

Is your wardrobe ready for fall? What's on your wish list? Let us know in the comments below!