Our Publisher Demonstrates How to Expertly Elevate Workwear

Amanda Bardas

It's the age-old question: How to dress for the office, but still feel ready for "real life" to kick in after work hours tick over. How many times have you been there? Where you have big plans to race home after work but it just doesn't happen. You probably keep a pair of heels under your desk "for emergencies", and that's a good idea in theory, but chances are they're the heels you don't really love that much, and that's why you've left them hidden under your desk.

The balance between looking perfectly-pulled together, and office appropriate, while still feeling like yourself is a debate we're always tossing around the office. There might be a day that involves a board meeting with the CEO, followed by a team brainstorm, and finishes up with a special date night. 

To help navigate the tricky work of boardroom-to-bar, I've enlisted our group publisher, Alison Rice, to help me demonstrate how you can plan out your week in outfits, and use accessories to elevate for any after-dark occasion.

You know we've been pioneering the rise of "the second bag" at Who What Wear Australia—a sleek carry-all to transport all of the things to and from the office (cya later canvas tote), and it's just the right size to carry your extra accessories, so you never have to scrounge around your desk for something to elevate your look.

For some inspiration on how to change-up your office look with accessories, and some outfit ideas for your Monday to Friday, keep scrolling.

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