Puff Jackets

Our relationship with puffer coats has always been conflicted. There are many reasons to be pro: they're uber-warm, available at a wide range of price points, and offer a practical alternative to fur. They even have a fun fashion pedigree, thanks to Norma Kamali and her sleeping-bag coat, which she legendarily created over 30 years ago after a very cold camping trip. But as youngsters, we were forced into a few horrific iterations on family ski vacations and we've also seen our fair share of cheap-looking, overfilled coats that are very Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (eek!). In short: the puffer's downy embrace both scared and scarred us! But after years of ambivalence, we're finally ready to reclaim this pillowy piece of outerwear for our own. After all, there are so many good options available now

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