The 5 Steps Every Successful Woman Takes to Organise Her Closet

Melanie Charlton

Welcome back to our organisational series, where each month, we’ll roll out a new closet-related topic with expert-approved tips and advice. With us this month is Melanie Charlton from Clos-ette, who will be sharing her organizational insight.

I have worked with many inspiring female clients. Whether they're a celebrity like Beyoncé with an endless wardrobe, a powerful career woman like Veronica Beard, or your average working woman, they all need a strategy for staying organised. Over the years as an organiser, I developed a five-step plan to help every woman maintain an organised closet. Read on for the must-know steps.

What are your tips for organising your closet? Share them in the comments below!

Opening Image: Stylizimo

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