How Party Dressing Will Be Different This Year

Amanda Bardas

Every year, party season rolls around quicker than before. The exciting part about this year though, is that from what we’ve started to see drop into store, the offering feels different to past seasons. Body-con dresses and your typical skinny-jeans-and-cami-combos are making way for fresh options.

Shannon Thomas, owner of Désordre, is an expert in the party dressing field. Her boutique in Sydney’s Darlinghurst feels like a walk-in wardrobe. Girls like to drop in before an event, have a styling session, and walk out with a special new look.

We asked Thomas to share her knowledge on what we can expect to see in store this season. Keep scrolling to see what she had to say!

What will you be wearing for party season? Let us know in the comments below then shop new arrivals at Desordre to get a start on your party looks.

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