Kate Middleton's Secret for Staying Comfortable in Heels

Kate Middleton is on her feet a lot, and given that she’s a duchess, those feet are in heels more often than not. This could pose problems given some depressing recent studies that have shown how heels are not only uncomfortable but not very good for us either.

However, it turns out that Middleton has a secret weapon of sorts that tackles heel-induced pain and helps to delay any long-term problems. Her solution? Alice Bow insoles, which the duchess was seen purchasing in various colors for both flat and heeled shoes.

If you’re thinking to yourself that using insoles is not exactly surprising, consider that these are of much higher quality than your average drugstore find. According to the brand, “each insole boasts high-quality padding wrapped in premium Italian leather and is specifically designed to cushion the ball of the foot.” To assure that the insoles really stay in place, there are stickies on the back as well.

But our favorite part? They’re shaped so that they can be worn with open-toed shoes, too, which is an absolute game changer. Plus, if they're good enough for royalty, we've got to at least give them a shot!

Scroll down to shop Kate Middleton's favorite insoles, along with some other great picks!

Alice Bow Flat Insole ($22)

Do you have any special tricks for staying comfortable in high heels? Let us know in the comments!

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