On Ditching the Style Type (and Finding Your Personal Look)

Carson Olivares

Last week while getting dressed for work one morning, I found myself in the depths of my top-right dresser drawer, mumbling to myself that I have nothing to wear, per usual, when I discovered the perfect puffy-sleeved button-down to wear for the day. The kicker? I’ve been holding on to the top, since—wait for it—high school. Yes, high school. And while the fact that I likely need to get better at regularly cleaning out my closet is the first thing that comes to mind when I recount this story, the second is the remarkable fact that my style for the most part has always been the same.

Yet for someone who keeps a surprisingly fair amount of clothing that I remember loving back in the day still in regular rotation my wardrobe, (i.e. that just-right oversize, sunflower-embroidered denim jacket I still find myself obsessing over), I am constantly on a mission to pin down my style type. Why is that? 

As I get older and more secure in my sense of self (and more convicted in dressing for myself rather than others), I can’t help but come back to the notion that letting go of the idea of style types may be the best thing we can do for ourselves and our personal style.

For me, the realisation came out of a recent podcast binger of Monocycle by Man Repeller’s Leandra Medrine. There’s one episode in particular titled “Getting Dressed for the *Weekend*” (spoiler alert: It includes blue leggings and fresh metallic shoes) that has not only provided me with welcomed entertainment while stuck in traffic, but also inspired my new way of thinking that I will be diligent in dressing for how I feel, and nothing else.

In my opinion, we are in such a fun time for fashion where personal style reigns supreme. There is no reason why you can’t be a glamazon one night and channel a member of a ’90s boy band the next. Who says you need to wear a dress and heels to date night? If you’re feeling a pair of drop-waist army pants, then by all means, run with it. We are living in an age of self-expression, and there’s no better way to flex your creativity and individuality than with your style, sans the style type. Which is exactly what I am imploring myself, and you, to do. 

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