Here's How I Stopped Overspending on Vacation Clothes



Part of the fun of planning an upcoming vacation is picking out what to wear (and eventually post as an #OOTD). But all that pressure to put together cute locale-inspired outfits can come at a real cost. All too often, I use an upcoming trip as an excuse to rush-order an entire selection of new shoes, dresses, and sunglasses. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so.

Here's the thing: I have no problem treating myself to a goodie or two for a fast-approaching vacation. I aspire to buy pieces that make me excited to wear over and over again, and if a colorful bag will work at home and on my upcoming trip to Miami, I might as well take the plunge. But there's something about a looming plane trip that sends me into an overspending spiral.

So what's the solution? Late last year, I was talking to an organizational expert for a story about overpacking, and her advice was enlightening (though probably should have been obvious): Wear what you know looks good already. This simple idea jump-started a few changes in my packing strategy. Instead of splurging on an entirely new wardrobe, I plan out a few outfits I already own and then decide if there are any gaps. And, if a desired purchase can't be incorporated in day-to-day life once I'm back to reality, I hold off. I live in New York, after all—I don't have closet space for a whole separate vacation wardrobe.

So if you have a little getaway coming up, take a look at the pieces below that might just make for a special addition to your packing list. But, of course, keep in mind that the less you shop beforehand, the more room you'll have in your suitcase for the way home.

Available in sizes 2XL to 5XL.