Holiday Parties

We're in the throes of December, dear readers, and that means your social calendar is probably overbooked with festive soirees galore! As far as parties are concerned, we say, the more the merrier! Of course, not everyone loves a shindig the way we do, we understand how stressful it can be on one's budget (and brain) to figure out enough outfits for all of the occasions. To combat this strain, we propose you take a party planning shortcut and transform one dress into several different looks! We'll show you how to accomplish this feat in just a few easy steps, simply tune into today's episode for all our handy holiday party tips!

Also, please note that today is the last day to enter our fantastic Chanel Bag Giveaway, so be sure to sign up before it's too late. Remember, you also can better your chances of winning by telling your friends! We'll announce the lucky recipient in an upcoming story, so stay tuned...

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