The Dressing Room of the Future Is Here—and It's SO Cool

Jessica Schiffer

Rebecca Minkoff

When it comes to dressing rooms, we thought we’d seen it all, whether it’s the interactive mirrors favoured by tech-champion Rebecca Minkoff, the accompanying alcohol service beloved by Lilly Pulitzer, or the art installations inherent to the rooms at Dover Street Market. It turns out, however, that one company is upping the ante even more.

Enter Hointer, a company whose sole goal is to help retailers build amazing shopping experiences inspired and fuelled by the ease of the digital world. In their own words, they “turn customer smartphones into remote controls to the physical store, so they can get what they want when and how they want,” which, yes, sounds pretty damn dreamy.

A huge part of this stems from their Whoosh dressing room technology, which sounds too good to be true, but happily isn’t. Private fitting rooms or open sitting areas are outfitted with wall-mounted tablets which allow customers to scroll through the entire store’s inventory to request new products or sizes. Once selected, these items appear through a clothing chute in just 30 seconds, updating a digital shopping cart as they come. If an item doesn’t work out, customers can use the same chute to get rid of things, which will also be deducted from the shopping cart as they go.

On top of this, both sales associates and special algorithms can seamlessly recommend similar items to customers via the tablet, instead of constantly having to check on their progress. Social media is also available so consumers can seek out the opinions of friends and family, while celebrity style galleries offer styling inspiration for specific pieces.

All of which makes for a pretty perfect dressing room, one that’s right up Who What Wear Australia’s alley. Although it’s still a new technology, we would not be surprised if dressing rooms like this become the norm sooner rather than later—fingers crossed it comes to Australia!

What other changes would you love to see implemented in dressing rooms? Sound off in the comments, and shop some of our favourite new online arrivals!

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