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The beauty gods have gone crazy this fall and frankly, dear readers, I like it. Sure, my everyday life isn't exactly stuffed with occasions that call for neon shadow (very Boy George) or crimped-and-teased locks, but all the eye candy is truly enjoyable. Of course, everyone needs to temper these fantasy looks with some more down-to-earth styles, and fortunately the runways offered up loads of both this season. Today I'm pleased to present a few of the trends that are worth incorporating into your regular beauty routine and the key products to help you do just that. Please know that I've personally experimented with each look-extensively and joyfully-and am very pleased with the results. Maybe I'm loony too, but I think you'll like them...

The Trend: Breck Girl Bounce
While the more extreme hair trends are getting lots of media coverage, I'm much more interested in a softer style-specifically, big bouncy curls. The lush and luxurious coiffure reminds me of Brooke Shields and Christie Brinkley's best looks in the eighties, but happily it appeals to current beauty icons as well. Liv Tyler went for the hot-roller hairdo not long ago and I have a feeling it will be embraced by all the red carpet regulars soon.

When testing out this look at home, I highly suggest that you incorporate a little of Bumble and bumble's Thickening Serum ($26) into your routine. Unless you're one of those super lucky girls with loads of hair, most people need a little help in the volume department. This newest product from the hair wizards at Bumble is super effective and will help even the flattest locks plump up in no time at all!

The Trend: Bleached Brows
Now, before you flip out and start telling horror stories about what happened the last time you bleached your brows, please know that this title is misleading. Yes, there is a huge bleach wave going on in the fashion industry right now and influential fashion houses like Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Miu Miu showed models with pale brows at their fall shows. And yes, ladies like Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba, and Lara Stone are all lighting up, but that doesn't mean you have to break out the Jolen quite yet.

Instead, I suggest you approximate the look with some tinted eyebrow gel. Unless you have super dark brows, just by using a product that's a few shades lighter than your natural colour, you'll get the effect of bleached brows without the commitment. MAC's Brow Seticon ($14.50) in Girl Boy and Anastasia's Tinted Brow Gelicon ($21) in Blonde are both great products that will help you fake it!

The Trend: French Girl Face
There is a certain sort of done-up/undone approach to beauty that I always associate with super stylish European women, a look I call the French Girl Face. The recipe is simple: groomed brows, polished but natural skin, and a sophisticated shade of crimson on the mouth. Obviously one does not need to be Gallic to pull this off with panache, just look to the Dries van Noten runway or Diane Kruger for inspiration on how to interpret the look in your own way.

The primary product you need to achieve this sort of effortless perfection is one I can't stop raving about: Dolce & Gabbana's Powder Foundation ($59). It gives your skin the most amazingly flawless coverage in an unbelievably natural way-truly, it's a miracle. Worn with a couple of coats of my other obsession-Lipstick Queen's super cool Chinatown Glossy Pencil ($20) in Thriller (a surprisingly sheer scarlet)-and you'll be well on your way to sultry insouciance.

The Trend: Black Statement Bands
I'm a sucker for anything whimsical, so it's probably no surprise that I find hair accessories-especially bold or humorous headbands-perpetually fascinating. Happily for me, the fall runways were packed with witty and wonderful variations, all done in gothic black. Whether it's an embellished Alice band, like the ebony-encrusted piece Eva Mendes just wore, or an Olsen-endorsed pair of Mickey Mouse ears ($155) by Benoit Missolin, I'm quite keen on these statement pieces.

While I'm saving up for Mendes' ripped-from-the-runway Dolce & Gabbana Jeweled Headband ($725, 877.703.4872), I'll comfort myself with Jennifer Behr's killer Solid Jet Padded Headband ($220). It will bring the right amount of razzle dazzle to an otherwise restrained outfit, which means this piece is perfect for cocktail parties!

The Trend: Slick Side Parts
In addition to the healthy bouncy curls and crimped locks, there was another important trend for hair this season: the slick side part. On the runways, this super stern look appears intensely androgynous (see Rodarte and Donna Karan for reference), but when interpreted in a less strict way, it's a sexy and wearable style.

I'm taking a page from Ginnifer Goodwin's playbook and have created my own ode to this trend. Rather than throwing on gobs of gel, I'm just using a little of No. 4 Hair Care's Blow Dry Lotion ($34) and then drying my hair straight with a vented brush. After parting my hair deeply on one side, I pull the rest of it back into a little ponytail or bun, and end up with a slightly boyish 'do that makes me feel rather chic. It's simple, stylish, and the perfect look for those days I don't feel like "doing" my hair.

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