All the Under-$19 Swimsuits You Can Find on Amazon

From the swim trends celebs are endorsing to how to pull off a thong swimsuit in real life, we’ve done our fair share of kick-starting your swimsuit shopping this season. Last year I snagged this $16 bikini from Amazon, and so I thought I'd check in on my favorite unexpected swimwear source. Turns out there are a ton of stylish and crazy-affordable options on Amazon this year. Since the site stocks an outrageous amount of options, the key is to hop around from the recommended brands and similar styles to find the good stuff. I found 19 colorful bikinis that all ring in under $20.

Whether you’re looking for a cute new bikini or a simple silhouette you can wear on your next vacation, give the below options from Amazon a scroll. We promise your credit card won’t be disappointed, plus most styles resemble some of the biggest trends in swimwear right now.