Why Everyone Is About to Start Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt

Amanda Bardas

My first memory of a Hawaiian shirt is at my year six school formal. I remember walking into the auditorium and seeing a sea of 12-year-old boys in oversized exotic floral print shirts and baggy jeans. I was mortified. I’d spent weeks carefully selecting a special dress (it ended up being orange and pink, BTW), and all they’d done is open up their dads' wardrobe and pick the first offensive shirt they saw. Not cool.

Fast-forward to now, and unsurprisingly, the Hawaiian shirt is back on my radar, courtesy of the always flawless Diane Kruger. Stella McCartney brought back the tropical print for Resort 2012, which if you can remember, was replicated in every high street store, but it’s the new 2016 version, that feels like more of a throwback to dad’s old duds. It’s slightly oversized in shape, and acts as the focal point of the look (rather than worn in a head-to-toe tropical vibe). I love the way Diane has styled hers with a tube skirt and metallic sandals. Hurry up summer, I’m ready for you.

Ready to shop the trend? Read on for our favourite Hawaiian print picks (and I’d also suggest visiting your local Vinnes… you’re bound to find a faded vintage version).

Will you revisit this trend? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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