Sara Donaldson Told Us Her Ideal Spring Wardrobe

Amanda Bardas

The journey towards our perfect capsule wardrobe will never end (we can’t go past an impulsive purchase), but Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley and The UNDONE has the less-is-more approach mastered. We’ve been following her perfectly-curated style for quite some time, and her minimalist look is exactly what we want to be mimicking for spring as our blank canvas before we add the trend pieces like lucite heels and the potter-clay colour trend.

So, we asked Donaldson to share with us, and you dear readers, her ultimate five-piece spring capsule wardrobe, so we too can have her perfectly undone, and effortlessly minimal style. Denim appears twice (and she’s right, you can never have too much denim), plus she’s found the perfect white tee (finally).

Keep scrolling to discover the five pieces Sara can’t live without in her spring wardrobe.

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