What It's Really Like to Attend SXSW as a First-Time Director

What is it really like to attend the SXSW Film Festival as a first-time director, you may ask? Well, actress-turned-director Hannah Marks took us along for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as she made her directorial debut (at just 24 years old!) at SXSW with Shotgun, a romantic dramedy that follows the story of a young couple whose relationship is rapidly accelerated upon learning one of them has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

In this special, behind-the-scenes look, Marks snapped everything from her arrival at the festival to what she packed and wore to her film's premiere (we are, by the way, completely in awe of her dress of choice!). Now, read on to see the exclusive SXSW photo diary from Hannah Marks.

Opening Image: Getty Images

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