Every Handbag You Should Own by the Time You're 30

Amanda Bardas

Who doesn’t love making a list and ticking things off? Our favourite thing to tick off, is when we’ve had a wish list full of purchases waiting to be made, and we finally follow through with the checkout purchase. We’re yet to come across a woman who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a new handbag, so today we’re rounding up five styles every girl should own. Why? Because as you start to get older, your style evolves too, and sometimes, practicality just wins.

We asked London-based designer, Melissa del Bono of Meli Melo to round up the top five handbags every woman should own. Each bag is useful, timeless, and will actually serve a purpose in your wardrobe. From a weekender (time to ditch the bag you’ve been using since schoolies), to an oversized clutch, keep scrolling to shop the bags missing from your list!

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