15 It Girl–Approved Halloween Costume Ideas

Coming up with a Halloween costume that hasn't been done a million times and that you're excited to put together and wear for a night is a bit of a tall order, but it can be done. So how does one find the perfect Halloween costume idea—you know, the one that's equal parts unique, alluring, and impressive? 

The answer is simple: By turning to our seasoned panel of experts in everything cool, the It girls of the fashion world, of course. To give you a jump start, we did some celebrity research ourselves and we're sharing an assortment of creative ideas from Alexa Chung, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss, and more, including everything from fashionable spins on classic costumes to inspired takes on movie characters. Get a head start on your Halloween costume this year by bookmarking these supremely stylish ideas. Plus, shop the essentials you need to re-create each creative look. 

Check out 15 fashion girl–approved Halloween ideas below.