My Mom, My Hairstylist, and a 4-Year-Old Weigh In on the Hair Clip Trend

You've seen them splattered across your Instagram feed for weeks now, layered up and down the tresses of your favorite influencers, pinned atop the heads of your most stylish friends, and maybe even in your own accessory drawer. At this point, there's no denying that the hair clip trend has reached a fever pitch in all manner of styles—from itty-bitty claws to large acrylic barrettes—taking over as the It accessory to wear and be seen wearing.

My take? The nostalgic factor definitely plays a role in their popularity. I mean, who doesn't secretly want to dress as they did in kindergarten? With the recent revival of things like scrunchies, bucket hats, and headbands, it seems everyone's game to re-create their grade-school accessory game with a modern spin. Sure, I've been inspired by all the #hairfies from my favorite fashion girls' feeds, but it's not like this trend came out of nowhere. I wanted to know what OG hair clip enthusiasts really think about 2019's clipmania and how they suggest styling the clips to achieve a winning look.

I spoke with hairstylist Chad Kenyon of the celeb-adored Ramirez Tran Salon, who's seen dozens of hair trends come and go; two preschool-aged girls who represent the key demographic of a hair clip market; and my very own mother, whose barrette collection I've admired for years now. Keep reading to see what each "expert" has to say about styling the clips, and then shop my current favorite styles.