Hailee Steinfeld Told Us What the Biggest Thong Faux Pas Is

Allyson Payer

Yu Tsai/Reef

Hailee Steinfeld is one of those cool California girls who can pull off just about any look with nary a sign of effort. Which makes her the perfect campaign star for Reef's Escape collection, the brand's new line of sleek thongs featuring special details like metallic straps and marble-pattern footbeds. Oh, and did we mention that they're insanely comfortable?

Since thongs have been a polarising topic among the fashion crowd as of late, we were anxious to ask Steinfeld a few questions about her thoughts on everything from what to wear with thongs to what the biggest thong faux pas is. And, naturally, we had to ask what swimsuit trend she's investing in this year.

See what she had to say, and shop our picks from Reef's Escape collection below!

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