How Girls Style Gucci Differently in Sydney and Melbourne

Amanda Stavropoulos

Gucci recently hosted two private events, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, to celebrate the Gucci Garden installations. The exclusive in-store set up (which has travelled the world and is now in the Sydney store for a limited time, followed by the Gold Cost Pacific Fair store from December 7) features a universe of flora and fauna that are part of Gucci’s new vibe. Butterflies, birds, ladybirds, snakes, and giant flowers adorn not only the new collection, but also the surrounding installation (it makes for a really amazing Instagram moment).

The store drew in an amazingly stylish crowd (not surprising), with everyone decked out in Gucci. Our favourite part? Comparing how girls in different cities style the same collection/brand. Sydney girls incorporated denim, with relaxed hair and makeup, while our Melbourne sisters were a bit more glam.

Keep scrolling to peep what everyone wore to the events, and then head over to Gucci to shop the new collection if you’re feeling inspired!

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