The Latest Gucci Item Bloggers Are Obsessed With

Michelle Scanga

Every couple of months, we see a trend in the blogger world—from outfit combinations to coveted designer items—that becomes a staple among fashion influencers. From the It outfit of the year (we know you’ve seen this look over and over) to specific pieces like Chloé's Drew bag or Dior’s So Real sunglasses, it doesn’t require much scrolling to spot these cult items on a fashion blog or Instagram feed.

Today we’re focusing on a simple designer items that we’ve spotted on several fashion bloggers. Hint: It’s Gucci, and it’s not the brand’s very recognisable fur-lined slip-on loafers. Think accessories—a very classic accessory at that. Whether it’s a new or vintage purchase, the latest of-the-moment Gucci item goes to this timeless leather belt. The sleek leather accessory with the brand’s logo as the buckle adds polish to any outfit and makes for a prime IG opportunity.

Check out unexpected Gucci item blowing up in the blogger world below.

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