If You Don't Follow Gryffindior on Instagram, You're Probably a Slytherin

It’s not uncommon for people to fall into one of two categories: those who could never really got into Harry Potter stories and those who have had a long-standing Pottermore account and consider J.K. Rowling to be one of the best people on Twitter. For the latter, we encourage you to immediately follow Gryffindior.

Just a couple weeks ago, images started popping up on the account showing Hermione Granger in a fringed Maria Grazia Chiuri design and Neville Longbottom in a very becoming Dior Homme après-ski look. While there's little we'd change now about the books or movies, somehow the iconic French brand fit in quite nicely.

Rachel Bernstein is the creative mastermind behind this high-fashion–meets-wizardry collaboration. By day, she’s the senior art director at Moda Operandi, but her moonlighting work is creating the perfect nostalgic, feel-good, fantasy fashion mashups that every wannabe wizard (especially those convinced they belong in the red and gold house colors) should have on their radar.

Below, Bernstein tells us more about how Gryffindior came about, which character is the most obvious potential face of Dior, and what other luxe fashion brands belong in the halls of Hogwarts.

Neville Longbottom in Dior Homme F/W 16

Ginny Weasley in Dior S/S 18

Luna Lovegood in Dior F/W 16

WHO WHAT WEAR: How did Gryffindior come about? And while the name obviously works, what makes Dior so perfect for the house of Gryffindor?

RACHEL BERNSTEIN: Gryffindior came about during one of my 3 a.m. “I can’t sleep” moments (a time I typically have the best creative ideas). I’d been looking for a project to brush up my Photoshop skills, the Instagram handle was still available (to my surprise!) and from there I started researching images and making posts. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for the last eight years and grew up reading/watching the Harry Potter franchise, so I loved the idea of creating a world where the Gryffindor House collides with the House of Dior. The audience for both high fashion and Harry Potter thrive off fantasy, strength, and humor, so the two are an easy match. 

WWW: Tell us about your favorite looks you've put together so far on your account. How did they come to fruition?

RB: I love Ron Weasley in look 27 from the Dior Homme S/S 18 collection. He’s been my favorite to dress thus far. He always has such expressive facials, so whatever I put him in always feels campy (in the best way possible). A close second would have to be Dumbledore in the leather beret and sunnies. I was inspired by a street style shot of Rihanna outside the F/W 17 show. It was an opportune moment to pose the question “who wore it best?” My third favorite may have to be Hermione in the couture coat from Chiuri’s most recent collection. Everything from that show was incredible, so I had to get someone featured in a piece ASAP!

Ron Weasley in Dior Homme S/S 18

Professor Dumbledore in Dior F/W 17

Hermione Granger in Dior Haute Couture 2018

WWW: Which Harry Potter character do you think is most likely to wear Dior IRL?

RB: Fleur Delacour. She’s essentially the Giovanna Battaglia of the wizarding world. Unfortunately she’s not a member of Gryffindor, so I’ll just have to figure out another way to feature her. 

WWW: And finally, any thoughts on which designers would be best suited for the rest of the Hogwarts houses?

RB: Slytherins would be in head-to-toe Saint Laurent for sure. I can’t picture Draco Malfoy in anything other than a Hedi Slimane–era leather jacket and skinny tie. Hufflepuffs would definitely be Stella McCartney enthusiasts. Her vegan approach to fashion and relaxed silhouettes speak to their earthy aesthetic. Ravenclaws are known for their individuality and wit, therefore Alessandro Michele’s Gucci is the obvious choice. 

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