I Got So Many Compliments When I Started Wearing This Colour

Kristen Nichols

My personal style skews on the more classic end of the spectrum, and for the most part, I usually stick to shades of black, tan, white, and navy. But recently I challenged myself to make my wardrobe more exciting with fun outfits that included some pops of colour. And to my surprise, I figured out that I really love green. It’s never really a colour I’ve worn before, minus the occasional army green item, but it’s the bold shade of Kelly green that really grabbed me.

I had never worn the colour before last month, but when I posted a photo on Instagram of a Réalisation Par dress I’d worn, the comments and DMs started flooding in. I even had friends texting me asking where they could buy the dress. Since then, I’ve started exploring the colour more, wearing a beautiful Saloni tea dress in the same shade, and I have to admit that I’ll be wearing many more green outfits in the future. See how I’m wearing the colour and shop pieces to try it yourself ahead.

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