Tom Ford Lip and Cheek Stain

by Who What Wear
Tom Ford isn't exactly synonymous with practical; the man doesn't need to be. But his new Lip and Cheek Stain ($48) in Tainted Love is the most useful beauty product we've stumbled upon this season.There's no shortage of multiples on the market--creams, sticks, and liquids promising to punch up the natural colour in your lips and cheeks--but Ford's, armed with acai oil and actual cherry extract, actually feels special. On your cheeks, it delivers the kind of dewy pink glow one scores post-workout, blending into your skin like a natural blush-meets-highlighter. On your lips, it begs for layering. One coat makes them look like they have just been bitten, or perfectly sunburned. Two or three coats later it turns wine-coloured, but still sheer enough that it rubs off evenly over the course of a night.

And if we're being totally candid, we've even tried it on our eyelids to score a slightly pink--but not-at-all sickly--hue for the ultimate rosy winter look. So while $48 might sound like a lot for a lipstick, or a blush, or a highlighter, or an eye shadow, it's a bargain for the four-in-one.

-Britt Aboutaleb
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