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This March, in honour of International Women’s Day, we’re focusing on the theme of unapologetic women: AKA the women who make things happen. While there’s no denying that we still have a way to go, in terms of equality among the genders, it seems fair to say that more women are standing up for what they believe in so far this year; and we’re all for it.

Ranging from politically-charged intiatiaves to this season’s fashion trends, women are being bolder than ever. While movements like the #MeToo Campaign and the Times Up initiative are speaking out against injustices against women, this forward-thinking attitude is also being reflected in fashion (consider Tom Ford’s “Pussy Power” bags).

While it’s amazing and inspiring to see influential woman taking a stance, we need to keep in mind that sexism and oppression can run much deeper. Women in Hollywood do have a unique platform to be able to advocate for equality and speak out against harassment, but we must remember that many women around the world are not in such a fortunate position.

In fact, many women around the world are still fighting for basic rights like education, literacy, and reproductive rights. So while it is important to advocate for equality whenever injustice is present in our lives, it’s equally important to remember that there are women in less fortunate circumstances.

There’s no denying that confronting this fact can feel overwhelming. The fight against sexual harassment seems so overdue from our perspective, yet around the world, there are women who are blatantly denied an education. And though many people do want to help and advocate the global betterment of our female sisters, it can be hard to know where to start.

Though it’s definitely not the only way to provide support, one option is consciously shopping in a way that benefits these women. Thankfully, we’ve just found a website that makes this extremely easy. By shopping on Global Goods Partners, you’ll help to create sustainable jobs for women throughout the world.  Launched in 2005, the site has since partnered with 60 artisan groups in 20 countries to  “lift women out of poverty and bring lasting positive change to artisans and their families around the world.“

As if the handcrafted goods on the site weren’t enticing enough in their own rights, knowing that the money from the sales goes back to helping women may seal the deal.

“Globally, women and children suffer disproportionately from economic, environmental, political, and social hardships.”, the website’s FAQ page states.  “When women receive the tools to learn a craft, manage their finances, or start and run a business, they gain experience, confidence, practical skills, and economic independence. These skills and experiences enable women to move beyond achieving simple economic improvements to making a real positive impact on the well being of their families and their communities.”  Now that is something we can shop to. If you want to treat an unapologetic woman in your life (including yourself) this month, these picks would make some great gifts. 


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