This Is the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Gilmore Girl Fan in Your Life

Gina Marinelli

It’s been borderline impossible to not get wrapped up in the frenzy surrounding the return of Gilmore Girls last Friday. Our Facebook and Instagram feeds have been filled with joy at the return of the show.

As seen on actress Mae Whitman at the Netflix series premiere last week, Antonoff has created two short-sleeved tees for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. One states “I’m with Lorelai,” and the other, “I’m with Rory”; both are a play on the designer’s "I’m with” series that she’s produced for years.

I am a longtime fan of the show. I've seen the whole thing through twice and often fall asleep to it,” Antonoff told us. “It's just the coziest show, and I feel like it's kept me company. It's been something of a visual/audio Xanax for me.”

The tees just dropped last week and it's the perfect time to place a rush order for the biggest GG fan in your life. And in case you have a hard time picking between the two Gilmores, you’re not alone. Even Antonoff—who was pleasantly surprised to find out that her "I'm with Human" tee will be making a cameo in the long-awaited revival, too—says she “will never choose!”

Scroll down for the newest pieces of Gilmore Girls memorabilia.

Can you pick between sporting Lorelai and Rory? Let us know in the comments.

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