Hey Gigi Hadid, We Love That You Love This Easy Outfit Formula

If there's one outfit Gigi Hadid wears over and over again, it's a monochromatic sweatsuit. Somehow blurring the lines between “just woke up” and “off duty”, these full sweatsuit outfits are both chic and comfy—which doesn’t happen too often.  She's even shown that they can work in warmer weather, modelling the look with a cropped hoodie and shorts.

Though not all of us are lucky enough to be able to pull off such a casual outfit on the regular (it’s not exactly work attire), a full sweatsuit seems like a good option for lazy weekends and runs to the grocery store. When paired with the right accessories, Hadid proves that sweatsuits can actually look pretty put-together if styled monochromatically, of course. This is the excuse you’ve been waiting for to wear ridiculously comfortable attire all day, time to embrace it.

To see our favourite monochromatic sweatsuit moments from Gigi Hadid, keep scrolling.

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