We Can All Learn Something From Gigi Hadid’s Latest Look

Amanda Bardas

So there might be a few differences between us and Gigi Hadid (mostly, her being a supermodel), but that doesn't mean we can't learn a thing or two from her off-duty style. When she's not working, Gigi is basically just like us. She goes to concerts, her BFF drops by for a visit, and she finds her favourite trends and never lets go. But one thing Gigi does differently, is not always dress for the occasion, but step out in unexpected pieces. 

Yesterday, while out on a juice run, Gigi dressed down a two-piece suit with a white crop top and sneakers, making what would normally be an elevated evening look (or office look) work for day. 

After seeing this outfit, our team made a pledge. We will make an effort like Gigi, and wear those unexpected pieces hanging in our wardrobes, when our day least expects it.

Read on to take a look at Gigi's look, and then shop special pieces you should wear in your every day.

Would you wear a bold suit? Sound off in the comments below about how you'd style it.

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