Gigi Hadid Wore Her T-Shirt Like This 4 Times in 10 Days

Amanda Stavropoulos

There’s nothing better than when a celebrity wears something we can easily DIY ourselves. Kim Kardashian did it recently with a denim choker, and then Gigi Hadid did it with this plain white tee—and Gigi is loving hers so much, she actually can’t stop wearing it. In the last 10 days, the model has been snapped all over New York City in her ripped and tied white tee, convincing us that it’s the only way to style our T-shirts right now.

We love the way Gigi has been styling hers, always with a third piece (in this case, a jacket), thrown over the top (also worth noting: Gigi barely wears her jacket over both shoulders these days, we’ve been calling it the 2016 way). It makes the tummy-baring look seem far less daunting when you’re a bit more covered up.  

If you haven’t tried this new T-shirt trend yet, it’s so easy. Take a pair of scissors to a baggy plain white tee, and snip right down the middle (to where feels comfortable for you), and then tie the bottom into a knot—so simple! We plan to wear it with a vintage denim skirt or cropped jeans on the weekend.

Keep scrolling to see Gigi’s new favourite styling trick.

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