Gigi Hadid's High School Prom Picture Is Beyond Adorable

Erin Fitzpatrick

Do you ever look back at your high school photos and cringe from the awkwardness? Well, we have feeling Gigi and Bella Hadid probably don't. (Which probably makes sense given that theirs was a mere three years ago.) In a new video interview with W magazine, Gigi talked about the how much she loved the dress she wore.

"My senior year, I wore a red Hervé Léger dress," she said in the video. "Not the normal bandage—it was the one where they had the short sleeves and a beautiful braided neckline and stuff. I loved it. It was red, bright red and short. In Malibu, we wear short dresses to prom because we live at the beach. The long-dress thing gets a little in your way in the sand and stuff." If only we'd looked this good at 18 years old.

Scroll down to see what Gigi and Bella Hadid wore to their high school prom in 2013!

What did you wear to high school prom? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop red party dresses for yourself!

Opening Image: Splash News

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