Gigi Hadid Is Already Wearing the Next Big Sneaker Trend

Aemilia Madden


Any Spice Girls fan remembers the era of sky-high platform sneakers. Well, earlier this year, we predicted that the height-boosting shoes were poised for a comeback this year. Here to back up that prediction is model and trendsetter Gigi Hadid who has swapped her favourite winter combat boots for lifted sneakers now that New York is heating up. The model helped pioneer the popularity of athleisure among the street style set, so it should come as no surprise that she's one step ahead of sneakers trends.

While Hadid chose to style the sneakers with high-waisted jeans and a white tee (we're all for keeping it simple), you could easily style them with a floral dress or, of course, leggings. Below you'll see Gigi's choice by indie brand Naked Wolfe along with similar styles in case you're interested in giving the sneaker trend a spin. Whether you're looking for something sky-high or just a subtle lift, we've got you covered.

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