Cool Moms Told Us What the Perfect Mother's Day Present Is
Cool Moms Told Us What the Perfect Mother's Day Present Is

Cool Moms Told Us What the Perfect Mother's Day Present Is

Finding outfits that’ll seamlessly transition from day to night is a constant struggle for all of us. Add a crying newborn or a particularly angsty teen into the mix, though, and you can more than understand the temptation to venture into sweatpants-and-chill territory. Which is why some of our favorite fashion-conscious moms tell us they rely on one transformative secret weapon when a change in outfits isn’t feasible: a versatile jewelry collection.

The four cool young moms we spoke to all happen to be fashion and lifestyle bloggers, which means they know a thing or two about the art of accessorizing, and they were game to share their jewelry styling tips and tricks with us. Keep reading to see the stylish Swarovski pieces they’ll be gifting themselves with this Mother’s Day—you’re bound to see something that catches your eye, whether you’ve got kids of your own, are expecting a little one soon, or are looking for the perfect pick for your own mom.

silver women's watch

If you’re like Lombard & Fifth blogger Veronica Levy and need a reminder to cherish each moment (life moves pretty fast sometimes), you’ll require a classic watch to help keep you on schedule. Levy gifted herself with this Swarovski piece for Mother’s Day, and we’re really loving how it looks with her dreamy pink suiting situation.

What trend are you wearing your classic watch with this season?

This watch is stark white, so it can really work with anything. I love pairing it with a chic suit for spring. The subtle colorblocking I achieve with this look makes me feel stylish (yet still very comfortable).

How has your mom influenced your style?

Growing up, my favorite thing to do was watch my mom get ready for work. She would always be glammed up to the max, which taught me that there’s no such thing as being overdressed.

simple crystal bracelet

When you’re expecting, comfort is one of the biggest priorities, meaning you’ll want to fill your wardrobe with easy knit pieces that can stretch with you. And Loreana von Plocki of The Daily Bella tells us she’s pairing her new maternity staples with her Swarovski Subtle bracelet practically every day.

How would you describe your mom-to-be style?

I love simplicity, and my Swarovski bracelet represents exactly my style. For this outfit, I paired my current favorite maternity skinny jeans with a simple black top and a striped blazer. I styled in some pointy cognac-hued heels to add a little something. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m still trying to figure out what works best and what feels comfortable. A blazer and jeans is ALWAYS a good idea, and my gorgeous Swarovski bracelet completes this look. 

Does jewelry remind you of your mom?

My mom’s style is classic and elegant, which is why this bracelet caught my eye for Mother’s Day.

rose gold ring

For Amy Anderson of Parker Etc, “versatility” is the magic word. This season, she’s really into mixing metals, so she’s stacking her Swarovski Vittore ring with her grandfather's wedding band. It’s the perfect way to marry old and new, and she likes that the piece will remind her kids of her one day.

Why is this ring essential to the way you get dressed every morning?

People tend to only think about versatility when it comes to clothing, but I also think about it with jewelry. I’m usually going from the office to a dinner or an activity with the kids. Things are usually back-to-back, so it’s nice to have beautiful jewelry pieces that feel appropriate for all of those scenarios.

Was there a reason you gifted yourself with a ring for Mother’s Day?

I love how versatile and transitional jewelry can be throughout all of the things we juggle in a day. While my love language may not be receiving gifts from other people, I’m doing better at gifting things to myself.

silver flower pendant

How many times have you gone into your mom’s jewelry drawer to “borrow” her favorite necklace? When Lindsey Schuster of The Motherchic thinks of her mom, she thinks of a simple yet beautiful pendant just like this one…

You’re a mom to four boys. How is this necklace a reflection of that?

The necklace is brilliant and sparkly, so it’s easy for me to leave it on all day. I love the black side, which sort of makes me feel like a badass mom by day, while the white side is more refined and feels a touch more fancy for a night out.

Name one thing in your mom’s closet that you would love to be yours for a day.

Her jewelry! Which is why I gifted myself with this necklace—it reminds me of her.

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