This Australian Woman's NYC-Based Vintage Shop Is Here to Help the World


Ghost Vintage

Vintage shopping has many perks: The items you’ll find are more unique, you’re stopping clothes from cycling into landfills, and you’ll get the original version of styles other brands are copying—but in the case of Ghost Vintage, there’s an added bonus. In addition to the already-sustainable aspect of buying vintage, the shop donates 10% of all purchases to The Nature Conservancy.

Started by Australian-born Jess Tran, Ghost Vintage is the NYC-based vintage shop that allows women to feel good while looking good. “In New York, everybody is doing something, everybody is going somewhere. There’s always one more thing to check off on the to-do list, another person to catch up with, somewhere to go, something to see,” the site points out. “In the long list of priorities and demands for our time and attention, ourselves are often somewhere near the bottom.”

A sad but true reality, the shop highlights that it can be easy to get caught up in everyday life and lose our sense-of-self. Hence, “Ghost Vintage celebrates the hobbies that keep the creative women of NYC sane.” While focuses primarily on versatile, but fabulously stylish, vintage finds, the good the brand is doing for the environment is just a de facto part of the business. By donating to The Nature Conservancy, Ghost Vintage is helping to conserve our planet’s lands, waters, and effectively all life that depends upon it: From animals to ourselves.

While Ghost Vintage is unfortunately only shipping within the U.S. currently, the Instagram account, as well as Tran’s personal Instagram are worth a follow—they’ll guarantee endless style inspiration. Nonetheless, it’s inspiring to see Australian women making changes within the fashion industry for the better, all across the world. Tran is proving that even a small step in the right direction is a step that needs to be made, and we can only hope that others will follow lead in taking similar measures to protect our planet in a way that’s not only ethical, but also very stylish. To be inspired by some of the brand’s chicest Insta pics, keep scrolling.


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