Meet Autumn’s Biggest Denim Trend

Surely there can't be any more ways to update your denim or any new trends to discover, I hear you ask? Well it’s possible, and as someone who’s bought about 783 pairs of jeans over the years, I can tell you (in detail) why each pair is different.

But instead, I’m just going to describe one style (and spare you the details of the other 782 pairs). Shredded-hem jeans. Sound scary, right? Wrong. They hit the scene hard at last season’s shows in September, and since then, they’ve been popping up all over street style. So much so, we’re hailing the frayed-hem jeans the denim trend to try this season.

Why so great? It’s something about the way they move when you walk, the subtle ’70s fringing vibes, and they’re the best way to draw some extra attention to your most fabulous shoes.

Keep scrolling to see the jeans in motion and then shop the look.

Would you wear shredded hem jeans? Let us know how you'd style them below.

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