These Fashion Girls Just Discovered How to Never Dress Like Anyone Else 

Lauren Eggertsen

Tired of showing up somewhere wearing the same Zara sweater as everyone else? If the sentence "think beyond a change in colour and hem, and imagine a platform that allows you to shift change a silk slip dress into a lacy crop top with a few clicks of your mouse," doesn't excite you, I don't know what will. Meet frilly, the site where you can customise the parts of an article of clothing you secretly always wished you could get your hands on...and then some. 

In an effort to show just how on-trend, personalised, and extremely stylish frilly is, the brand recently hosted an influencer trip where "each girl customised pieces from frilly's latest collections to suit their own personal style," according to the brand's recap of the trip. The girls got to choose where they road-tripped to and they chose to venture to Ensenada Mexico to the Valle de Guadalupe—Mexico's famed wine country. On the trip was Tania SarinPam Hetlinger, and Lisa Dengler and below, we rounded up a few of our favourite shots captured on the trip. Here, you'll get to see the frilly pieces each fashion girl customised in hopes of inspiring you to play around with a few pieces of your own. Because at frilly, the world of customisation has officially been revolutionised and we are really excited to introduce you to it. 

Go on to see images from the frilly influencer trip and be sure to check out frilly for yourself to customise your next favourite piece of clothing. 

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