How This Top Fashion Blogger Is Shaking Up Her Spring Wardrobe

Jade Cottee

Here at Who What Wear Australia we see street style as an educational tool. We're keen students at the school of elevated dressing, studying the looks of bloggers, editors and It-girls as though we're cramming for an exam—all before we take on the role of tutor and pass our newfound wisdom onto you, dear readers.

At the start of October, we dished out some homework, tasking you to participate in our 30-Day Spring Wardrobe Challenge (complete with notes on how to pull off trickier trends like sequins and colour-block knits). Needless to say, it's been far more exciting than practicing algebra.

Melbourne-based blogger Jasmin Howell has joined us for this ride through spring fashion, and her outfits have quickly become yet another fashion-girl resource. She's consistently nailed every one of her #WWWspring30 looks, teaching us even more fresh styling tricks along the way. Scroll down to see some of her outfits, then head to Friend in Fashion for all the details.

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