French Secrets to Shopping at Zara

Allyson Payer

If the words French and Zara pique your interest, you're not alone. The obsession with French-girl style will seemingly never die, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a woman in this day and age who doesn't have a few Zara pieces in her closet. Put the two together and minds will be blown, which is essentially what we experienced when we came across a section of French photographer and blogger Garance Doré's book, Love Style Life, on her undying love for Zara (pages 37–38, FYI).

Doré did her readers the pleasure of outlining exactly how she shops at Zara, providing tips and tricks that women around the world can steal. After all, isn't it one of a fashion girl's life missions to always get the best stuff at Zara? (We can feel your heads nodding.) That said, we were clearly inspired by this gem from Doré's tome and took it upon ourselves to share with you the tried-and-true Zara shopping methods of the stylish French woman herself.

Check them out below, and shop the incredible Zara finds we unearthed by applying the tips ourselves!

Share your best Zara shopping tips with us in the comments below!

Opening Images: Garance Doré and Collage Vintage

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