French-Girl Secrets for Buying Lingerie

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When you think of the French woman, you think of her effortless style, attractive sense of spontaneity, and that certain je ne sais quoi her American counterparts (including me) envy beyond belief. The previously listed qualities are all aspects of her character that we observe from the outside, but today, we are taking a look underneath it all. If French women exude a style that is essentially flawless, it's safe to assume their lingerie collections are just as great, if not better. 

Beyond investigating into what pieces they buy, we wanted to know their buying habits, mindsets, and quirks. Rania Abu-Eid, Journelle's creative director, was kind enough to help us out by diving into the buying trends of French lingerie on Journelle's site. From buying three pairs of panties for every one bra, to rethinking your idea of loungewear, get the 411 on what goes through a French woman's mind when shopping for that something special right here. 

Keep scrolling to find out all the secrets to buying lingerie like a French girl! 



Secret #1

Change your lingerie mind-set

"French women see lingerie as an essential extension of their wardrobe—so much so, they spend about 20% of their clothing budget annually on lingerie. For them it's about feeling good not just on the outside, but also underneath. This brings to mind one of my favourite Christian Dior quotes, 'Without foundation, there can be no fashion.' Take the time to get fitted and try out different bra and panty styles so you can learn what works for your shape and makes you feel your very best. Just like the time and investment you put into buying that perfect pair of jeans, apply that to your lingerie," Abu-Eid says. 

Journelle Dalia Bra ($62)

+ Journelle Dalia Thong ( $30 )

Secret #2

Exude Joie de Vivre Every Day

"The French have a joie de vivre they carry in everyday life. It's apparent in the beautiful detail you find in the cafés, the art, and the architecture. So when it comes to lingerie, French women wear it for themselves. Don't save that bra or panty for a special occasion or a partner—wear it on a rainy Monday for you! Create your own joie de vivre, or as we like to say here at Journelle, 'everyday lovely,'" Abu-Eid says.  

Journelle Gia Demi Bra ($93)

Journelle Gia Bikini ( $50 )

Secret #3

Buy Matching Sets

"French women always wear matching sets. As mentioned in my first tip, a well-fitted bra and panties are an extension of the French woman's everyday wardrobe, so what is worn underneath needs to absolutely match. High-quality, well-fitting underwear is equally as important to French women as their bras—it's not a category that they overlook. 

"Since no one sees it, matching underpinnings can be your best-kept secret that will make you feel more confident and ready to take on the day. And as French women do, it certainly makes you ready for anything! I recommend buying three pairs of panties in the same colour for every bra you buy," Abu-Eid says.

Journelle Isabel Balconette Bra ($101)

+ Journelle Isabel Bikini ( $44 )

Journelle Isabel Tap Short ($91)

Journelle Isabel Thong ($41)

Secret #4

Invest in Quality Sleepwear

"While their American counterparts unwind in sweats, French women embrace the art of lounging in silky slips and robes," Abu-Eid says. "For the French, lingerie extends to a world beyond bras and panties. Every woman should have a classic silk slip in her lingerie collection. Sleeping in a silk chemise or pajama is one of the most luxurious experiences you can give yourself. Embrace slips, rompers, and robes to lounge in!"

Journelle Coco Robe ($240)

What are some of your best-kept lingerie secrets? Let us know in the comments below!

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