The Main Difference Between French and American Lingerie

Lauren Eggertsen


When it comes to lingerie, we tend to pride ourselves on knowing quite a lot, and with good reason. After pressing lingerie experts on every topic under the sun and researching the best lingerie brands all over the world, our recent introduction to emerging Parisian lingerie brand, Implicite, came as a shock to us all. The fact that we had never heard of Implicite until just recently made us both uneasy and very excited. With almost all product sold under the brand ringing in at under $100, this discovery felt like striking gold. 

Anxiously curious to learn more, we reached out to Verity Balzan, the head designer for Implicite, to get the inside scoop on the history of the brand, what sets it apart as an inherently French label, the main difference between French and American lingerie, and much more. Ahead, get ready to read our interview with Verity and to shop this now not-so-secret French lingerie for yourself. We have a feeling that soon, both your carts and this brand will be huge. 

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