7 Things French Girls Are Wearing on Repeat This Summer

Aemilia Madden

I'm aware that by this point, French-girl style is a bit of a trope in the fashion community. Still, I find myself enamored with the easy way my Parisian counterparts can effortlessly make even the simplest pieces seem oh so cool. I feel no shame in saying I have a healthy number of hip French women filling up my Instagram feed, inspiring me to mix things up for the summer.

So what are the trends I've plucked from these understated trendsetters? Below are seven easy-to-replicate styles I'm trying out in the coming months. From full-on outfits to one-off accessories, add these to your closet, and poof—you're practically French. And while you may not have the means to jet-set to Cannes with your new buys in tow, we're of the mindset that if you're sitting somewhere chic with wine and a cheese plate, it's basically the same thing.

Read on to shop the French pieces we're currently obsessing over.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated by Lauren Eggertsen.

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