How French Girls Tackle Transeasonal Dressing

Amanda Bardas

Spring is finally here, but it doesn't mean we can hang up our coats for good (just yet). Short sleeves and bare legs are almost here, but until the weather really heats up, we need to get a little creative. Now is the perfect time to revisit transeasonal dressing for a quick refresh on how to dress when the weather doesn't know what's up. Warm days bookended with cool mornings and nights can make getting dressed tricky. Unsurprisingly, our French sisters have in-between weather dressing down to a fine art.

To help speed up your morning routine (because no one has time to throw on 18 different outfits like I did this morning, before settling on the one that’ll keep you comfortable all day), today we’re taking our tips from seven stylish French women. The running theme throughout every look is to integrate a winter and summer piece into your look. Intrigued? Confused? Keep scrolling to discover your new French-approved transeasonal outfit formula.

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