6 French Girl–Approved Denim Outfits to Try Before 2020

No matter how you identify your style—ecclectic, minimal, trend-forward—there's no doubt denim is an important part of your wardrobe. Since there is truly no limit to the ways in which one can style this closet staple, sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a denim styling rut, wearing the same outfit over and over again. If you find yourself in this predicament as often as I do, then it's time we call in for backup. 

When looking for simple yet effective outfit inspiration, we turn to the French. Their style is always clean and always approachable—two traits that go perfectly with denim. Ahead, take a look at the French-girl denim outfits we are trying to cop before the end of this year. From ultra-cool ensembles to simple yet striking ones, the selection ahead is sure to get your denim wheels turning.