I Live in Paris, and French Girls Are Definitely Not Wearing These New Trends

Marissa Cox

Curious what the life of a British girl living in France is like? Then this is the story for you. Find out what Marissa Cox thinks of fall fashion as she reports into us from across the pond.

Being a British girl living in France has definitely shaped my personal style choices. Since moving from London to Paris in 2013, I have changed my wardrobe irrevocably. However, as an outsider, I still have the advantage of being able to hone in on what's happening from a distance. This means that I'm still removed enough to see how Parisian women are adapting their vibe every few months. I can spot what they're adding to their classic repertoires, and I can see which styling ideas head toward style Siberia. I can also tell when a trend that's taking off back in the UK really isn't going to cut la moutarde with my French fashion comrades.

With Paris Fashion Week in the rearview mirror, every European person with a heart that beats for clothes and accessories has started focusing on autumn. For French women (as you'll no doubt have gathered by now), this seasonal shift does not spark a wild closet clear-out or complete sartorial turnaround. Many will be digging out their trusty favourites, but don't be fooled into thinking nothing new is allowed to enter the mix. Would the world of retail really thrive if no one here was buying an updated piece or two?

I've gone through the F/W 18 list of trends and cherry-picked what will and won't be adopted by the girls in the City of Light. This not only offers you a cheat sheet to looking more French this year (you're welcome), but it also serves as a good indicator of what's worth investing in, because goodness knows Parisiennes choose items that are well worth the money.

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This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.

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