I'm French—Here Are the Best Fashion Trends of 2020, Hands Down

French fashion trends 2020



This year, we’ve seen a long list of fashion pieces soar to popularity. Many of them, unexpected trends like loose, ripped jeans that gained traction as our lifestyles shifted during the past year. But with the introduction of so many new fashion trends over the last year, I’ve been thinking back on which ones were the very best buys. Curious to find out straight from a style insider, I asked Paris native Claire Most to weigh in with the French girl-approved fashion trends topping her list in 2020.

So, what are the seven essential buys she would add to your closet? From the cozy pieces she wore from summer through winter to the sleek pants she’s wearing on repeat to the trend we spotted all over the S/S 21 runways, her picks are items you’ll want to wear now and for the year ahead. Ahead, she’s breaking them down and sharing photos of exactly how to style them.

1. Sweatsuit Sets

French fashion trends 2020: sweatsuit sets


@claire_most; Pictured: The Mayfair Group sweatsuit; Jenny Bird necklaces

"My priority has always been to feel comfortable when I am creating a look. I don't know anything more comfortable than sweats! Since COVID, I have been working from home and have been wearing sweats almost every day since. You just need to add some gold jewelry to elevate your look a little bit and you're ready! I also love the fact that from summer to winter you have an alternative from shorts to pants."—Claire Most

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2. Boxy Cardigans

French fashion trends 2020: boxy cardigans


@claire_most; Pictured: House of Sunny Cardigan

"Cardigans are so cute! I feel like it's the perfect piece to create an effortless Parisian outfit. The cropped fit adds a more modern and younger aesthetic. I think it looks amazing with high-waisted denim jeans."

3. Leather Pants

French fashion trends 2020: leather pants


@claire_most; Pictured: Ruve top; Simonett pants

"This trend is everything! You can bring back the Matrix vibe or you can also create a really classy look. I definitely would recommend vegan leather or vintage if you can. It will keep you warm in winter but make sure there's a lining in the pants to avoid feeling like Ross from Friends!" 

4. Second-Skin Tops

French fashion trends 2020: second-skin tops



"I am always looking for interesting tops because I usually wear denim jeans or sweatpants. I think second-skin tops are perfect with those bottoms. It's lightweight—it's literally like a second skin—and you can find interesting designs like stitching details or prints." 

5. One-Shoulder Tops

French fashion trends 2020: one-shoulder tops



"I love asymmetric tops because even when you wear the most simple outfit, it's super impactful. It creates an interesting but effortless aesthetic." 

6. Scarf Tops

French fashion trends 2020: scarf tops



"I loved this trend because it was a super easy DIY.  Pair with cute denim jeans to create an effortless but edgy outfit." 

7. Hair Scarves

French fashion trends 2020: hair scarves



"Another DIY. Once you're done with your top, you could also use your scarf as a hair scarf. What I loved the most about this trend is the 'summer in Italy' aesthetic." 

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