7 Things French Girls Always Wear With Jeans

Lauren Eggertsen

While we continually look to French women for many things, it's their consistent sartorial uniform that inspires us the most. That's not to say French girls don't experiment with fashion and dabble with new trends. However, when push comes to shove, there are a few things we can always count on them wearing, especially with their jeans.

Today, we're here to take a deep dive into the denim styling of French girls to identify which items they seem to wear with their jeans the most. Thanks to the strong social media presence of French icons like Jeanne Damas and Camille Charriere, we have pretty good insight on the contents of their wardrobes, so figuring out what they love to wear with jeans the most was kind of a no-brainer. From cropped cardigans to trench coats, get ready to shop the seven things French girls always wear with jeans.

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