Where to Find Free Styling Advice on the Internet

Amanda Bardas

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the internet isn’t an amazing place—because it is. It lets us speak to you, our dear readers, daily, it lets us shop without leaving the house, and most importantly, it delivers free advice—whenever you need it. From answering health questions (but be careful when turning to Dr. Google), to décor inspo, there’s a treasure trove of free info out there. What do we find most useful? The free styling advice.

You might not even realise you’re getting it, but it’s there—all your favourite (and the best) online stores are merchandised to show product the way you’d expect to see it IRL on a person, or in store in a window display. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been shopping for jeans, only to fall in love with the top or shoes the jeans have been paired with. It’s no coincidence retailers are choosing to style full outfits, rather than just showcase the item individually. With more and more online stores popping up (plus competing with bricks and mortar shops), it’s important to offer customers as much information as possible. (Also—shout out to the retailers who also have a ‘video’ view.)

Keep scrolling to discover our three favourite places for free styling advice.

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