Going, Going, Gone—the Story of Our Self-Control at Free People

Lauren Eggertsen

Collage Vintage 

You go to the Free People website and you're doing fine. You start eyeing a few things you love, maybe add one or two to your cart, and then before you know it, you've low-key lost your mind. Suddenly, your shopping cart went from 0 to 25 items real quick, and narrowing it down doesn't seem like an option. Justifications start flying out of your mouth because you really do need that sweatshirt in all three colours it's offered in. One to wear around the house, one to wear under a blazer, and the other because you'll probably regret not buying it and you definitely have something in your closet you can pair it with. 

Get the picture? We certainly do because we just lived it as we lost all self-control while scrolling through the new arrivals section at Free People. Everything you have been craving for your wardrobe right now can be found within the confines of Free People's excellently curated site. We're talking Western-inspired boots, cool plaid pants, and even belt bags. We knew Free People was trendy, but we didn't know it was this trendy, and we are clearly over the moon with this discovery. Ready to shop our favourites for yourself? 

Are you just as overwhelmed as we are? Take a deep breath, get your editing skills at the ready, and quickly figure out which pieces are worth buying (if not all of them). Because if you don't, trust us, someone else will. 

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