NYC Girls' Favourite Boutique Is Now Available to All

Gina Marinelli

Even if you don’t have access to New York’s Lower East Side there are plenty of reasons this weekend’s launch of The Frankie Shop is already on your radar. Perhaps you’re an avid follower of its softly lit images on Instagram or its co-founder Gaelle Drevet, who’s also behind another fashion-crowd favourite, Pixie Market. Maybe you’re just looking for a store that has a distinct, non-fussy, modern POV, or you’re a straight-up Francophile. For any of these reasons, the new e-commerce launch comes as great news.

The Frankie Shop has been a cosy mainstay on Stanton Street for the last two years—as well as in Paris, where the second storefront lives—and its reach is about to expand in a major way. While the site’s offerings are small at the moment, take it from an editor who stops by the NYC location as often as possible: Frankie is much more about quality, coolness, uniqueness, and chic staples than it is about quantity. And like the boutique, this is one spot you'll want to check back on often.

Scroll down for a peek at some of our current favourites and Frankie's Cyber Monday promo code.

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