15 Jeans That Will Actually Keep You Warm This Winter

We've officially reached that time of year when the simple act of stepping outside results in numb appendages and the threat of frostbite. While the standard hat, mittens, and scarf combination remain our first line of defense, we're pleased to report that we've found a surprisingly sleek source of undetectable armor for our legs: fleece-lined jeans.

Nestled somewhere between your standard denim and ski apparel, fleece-lined jeans offer an added layer of protection while appearing completely normal to the untrained eye—no bulky layers or heavy fabrics here. Most importantly, fleece-lined jeans are actually warm. You feel as if you're bundled up for the ski slopes, motivating you to not completely hate venturing into the great outdoors.

In our continued effort to wage a sartorial war against winter, we've rounded up 15 pairs of stylish and affordable fleece-lined jeans designed to keep you warm this season. Find your new winter go-to below!

Protect your legs from frigid temperatures when you wear this under an oversized sweater.

Opt for jeggings for a more casual look.  

Turns out the Italian brand makes great warm-weather jeans too.

Fleece and leather: your winter armor.

When the occasion demands something a little more formal.

If anyone knows how to do fleece-lined denim, it's L.L.Bean.


You always need HeatTech in the winter—trust me.

Just read the glowing reviews.

We love Hue's take on fleece-lined denim leggings.

A perfect marriage of leggings and jeans.

Fleece-Lined Jeans



Too much black denim? Opt for Hue's subtle ink wash. 

Switch things up with a little leather.

Fleece-Lined Jeans



A little flannel never hurt anyone.

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